PRESS RELEASE – Incubator Board Announces New Clients

The Incubator Board would like to announce that the following companies have recently located to the West Des Moines Business Incubator at 2829 Westown Parkway, Suite 220, West Des Moines, IA 50266. For more information about the Incubator, please contact Jo Eckert, Assistant Executive Director at 515-222-3621 or

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BLACK IOPS is the culmination, a merger of four technologies that here-to-fore have remained independent IT Storage concepts. Over the past twenty years, data storage technology has struggled to keep pace with ever efficient CPU designs and hi-speed RAM. Efforts to improve on a flawed magnetic disk spindle design (commonly known as a hard disk drive) only resulted in marginally improved performance. Coming out of years in the industry, BLACK IOPS was formed knowing the industry was at a pivotal point: one where green, solid-state computing was coming to maturation, while other emergent technologies such as data deduplication, virtualization, and replication culminated in an ever-mystifying set of choices for system administrators. BLACK IOPS’ DarqMatter systems combine all these technologies into a single, private-cloud orientated design. Simple, yet highly protected, highly energy efficient, and possessing incredible raw I/O performance: DarqMatter is the dream machine of many system administrators.

Founded in 2011, BLACK IOPS is a new startup hoping to make a large impact on the storage industry as a whole. The company has been developing its tailored DarqOS to incorporate the myriad of features in the DarqMatter design for over two years now. The system, the company, and the concepts are now ready for full deployment in the main stream market.

For more information contact Mark Brown, BLACK IOPS, at 515-657-7788 or 515-782-1358.

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The Founder, Nikolaus Refsland is a Veteran who returned from his second tour in Afghanistan with a passion to do something to improve the economy by empowering local. That is his new mission. He has traded the risk of combat for the risk of being an entrepreneur. He is dedicated to serving and supporting those in the community who want to build value and protect the American Dream. If you share his passion then check out

To contact Nikolaus Refsland call 515-478-0203 or

Current Wind specializes in the installation of wind turbines designed to offset the energy demand of agricultural, business, factory, or residential sites. Installation services include financial analysis, electrical consultation, assistance with the utility’s interconnection forms, and assistance with securing the available incentives, installation of tower and turbine, and all wiring from the turbine to the point of connection. The normal project size is typically 11kW to 100kW in size although larger projects can be accommodated. Consulting services for other renewable energy or large electrical projects is also an area of expertise.

Current Wind is owned by Brian Whitney and Derek Sadler. Brian is a Master Electrician and has a background in commercial electrical as well as experience installing over 60 wind turbines. Derek has a background in financial and operational analysis and most recently served as a financial officer for a renewable energy company.

For more information contact Derek Sadler at 515-988-9036 or

Source Trivia is a West Des Moines-based startup company. Source Trivia developed and licenses an entertainment application called “Be the Hit of the Party.” “Be the Hit of the Party” combines music and free-association trivia for hosted events. The system includes Windows®-based applications and a database of trivia content. The system requires a PC, connection to a sound system and connection to an audience display or displays. Driven by a music playlist, the application selects trivia associated to the artist, song, year of release, lyrics, etc. for the currently playing song. The DJ controls what trivia is visually presented to the audience while the music plays.

License subscribers receive ongoing database updates for expanded trivia content and may add their own proprietary content as well. Source Trivia markets the system to DJs, bar and restaurant owners and planners for class reunions, corporate events, fund raisers, parties, wedding receptions and more. Source Trivia provides training, installation services and also provides a referral service for subscribing DJs.

John Pestotnik is the majority owner of Source Trivia. John’s background is in business development, product development and project management. John is a University of Northern Iowa graduate and lives in West Des Moines. He has worked primarily with public sector clients for the last 25 years. John has a passion for listening to music, developing database applications and for writing trivia. Source Trivia provides John with the unique opportunity to combine all three. John’s partners in Source Trivia are JP Singh, Blake Iverson and Kelly Peiper.

You may contact John Pestotnik at or at (515) 225-6937 with questions or to schedule a demonstration.

Good Nutrient Company recently launched to market high quality everyday Vitamins, OTC Drugs, Skin Care and other specialty products. We offer great products with great prices in a secure pleasant online shopping environment.


We partner with companies that offer high quality “Made in the USA” products. Our product selection ranges from simple items like Vitamin C, Low Dose Aspirin to special items like Chamberlain Golden Touch Lotion, Res-Vitae Muscatine Grape seed etc.

This company is run by experts in nutraceutical industry and IT industry. For more information please contact JP Singh at 515-779-4841 or

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