Des Moines Register | Downtown Lights Financial Center KCL Engineering

kcl-logoWest Des Moines Business Incubator client, KCL Engineering in the Des Moines Register for their project – lighting of the Financial Center in downtown Des Moines, Iowa!

“It’s a nice complement to what downtown Des Moines has become over the last 10 to 15 years,” said Kris Kunze, one of the principal partners at KCL Engineering of West Des Moines, which did the lighting. “The client wanted to freshen up the look of the building and draw attention to it.”

KCL Engineering, tucked into new offices in Valley Junction, is a fast-growing company that is working with lights in fascinating ways. While the Financial Center is probably the firm’s most highly visible metro project, one of their most exciting lighting plans may have the potential to improve student performance.

Read the original article here: Finney: City skyline a hint of lights’ bright future

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