On October 6, 2009, the West Des Moines Business Incubator, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization was incorporated with the express intent to start a business incubator where 10–18 start-ups and small businesses could grow and prosper.

National statistics have shown that businesses that transition to and graduate from an incubator have a higher success rate than those that do not; and moreover, businesses that come from an incubator that has a strong mentoring system have an even higher success rate. Because of this, the West Des Moines Business Incubator organization has put together an experienced group of coaches to assist and mentor their clients.

It has been determined, by the Business Incubator organization, that the most conducive clients for the incubator are business-to-business companies. Food services, wet and/or dry labs, and high traffic generators are not eligible.

The initial screening of prospective clients will be done by Incubator staff with a recommendation to the Business Incubator’s executive committee for final consideration.
Affiliate membership is available; ask staff for more information.

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